Tony Cliff's Delilah Dirk coming to print in Fall 2013

The headline says it all, really. I'm a fan of Cliff and his webcomic, which was probably obvious to everyone who read the interview I conducted with Cliff earlier this year:

Now the news that Cliff was talking about would be revealed has finally been revealed: the comic will be coming to print from First Second Books in Fall 2013.

I'll admit that I was a bit underwhelmed by the official announcement and first look, which was given to a website that failed to mention that the book will be reprinting the Eisner and Harvey nominated webcomic, which has seen print in France in two gorgeous oversize editions. It would have been nice if the people running this news knew a little more about who they're promoting.

It also failed to mention what the dimensions of the book will be - oversize like the French editions? The smaller size of most First Second books? The larger size of :01 titles like Lewis and Clark?

And according to twitter, there will be a dozen new pages.

It's great news. Congrats, Tony! And congrats to the people at First Second who have another great book coming out next year. Can't wait to read it in print.

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