The War on Christmas begins again...sigh...

Apparently the so-called "war on Christmas" has begun. Which I suppose is appropriate since the seasons starts long before Thanksgiving, so why shouldn't the war...

I remember back in the early years of first decade of the Twenty-first century...when I first heard of this "War on Christmas" I was excited. Of course I thought that it was about how Christians were being persecuted in Iraq and how since the American invasion, Christians had been systematically targeted for death and harassment, were going into exile, and were very often being denied refuge in the United States and forced to jump through an insane number of hoops to do so.

That was not the "war on Christmas." Apparently those Christians being driven from their homes and killed. The Christians here in the United States have it hard because people say "happy holidays."

This would all be entirely academic but having worked retail and having been verbally assaulted by people who didn't appreciate that I was saying "happy holidays"–something that didn't just happen overnight but has been going on for decades, this felt more like a war on retail employees. Time and again I would see people acting in a vicious, deeply un-Christian fashion towards cashiers.

That's all people need, one more reason to be cruel to cashiers...

I really do not miss working retail.

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