Television This Week: September 23-30

Sunday September 23:

-Treme  -  10 pm at HBO. One of my favorite shows on television with one of the best casts on television. Not to mention the best music.

Monday September 24:

-How I Met Your Mother  -  8 pm on CBS. So Barney is marrying Robin a year from now and that’s where Ted meets the mother. Go.

-Mob Doctor  -  9 pm on Fox. An uneven first episode but let’s see what the second one is like.

-Revolution  -  10 pm on NBC. Let’s see if the second episode gives u a hint where the series is headed.

-Castle  -  10 pm on ABC. Like the actors, bored by the show. But they’re back for more in a new season.

-Hawaii 5-0  -  10 pm on CBS. For the life of me, I really don’t understand why this show is popular and keeps coming back.

Tuesday September 25:

-New Girl  -  8 pm on Fox. Looking forward to this.

-New Girl  -  9 pm on Fox. Wait. Two new episodes, not back to back on the same night. I’m going to forget this second episode, I know it.

-Go On  -  9 pm on NBC. I’ll likely end up watching this at 9 instead.

-The Mindy Project  -  9:30 pm on Fox. Had a lot of fun watching the pilot.Love Mindy Kaling and the show

-Vegas  -  10 pm on CBS. Nick Pileggi, the writer of work like Goodfellas and Casino tells the story of a rancher who became sheriff (played by Dennis Quaid) and the new man from Chicago (played by Michael Chiklis) who’s come to oversee casinos for the mob. With Carrie-Ann Moss and Jason O’Mara. The tale of a small desert community about to become, well, Vegas. Could be genius or disappointing.

Wednesday September 26:

-Animal Practice  -  8 pm on NBC. A good cast plus a monkey.

Thursday September 27:

-Last Resort  -  8 pm on ABC. Good pilot, though I’ll be honest, I’m not sure where this is going or how long they can sustain this premise.

-The Big Bang Theory  -  8 pm on CBS. Five bucks says they’ll make fun of nerds this season.

-Person of Interest  -  9 pm on CBS. The first season was uneven, but the actors were great and kept bringing me back. Hopefully this season they’ve seen what worked and what didn’t.

-Parks and Recreation  -  9:30 pm on NBC. Woo hoo!

-Scandal  -  10 pm on ABC. Okay I’ll admit that I watched the first season for Kerry Washington. Because it wasn’t that good a show. I’m not sure if my love for Ms. Washington is so strong that I can watch another season.

-Elementary  -  10 pm on CBS. A contemporary Sherlock Holmes? Hmm, I think I watched this show earlier this year. This one is set in New York with a Dr. Joan Watson (played by Lucy Liu). I’m intrigued.

-Louie  -  10 pm on FX. Season finale.

Friday September 28:

-Fringe  -  9 pm on Fox. Finally, the team is back and we begin the first of a thirteen episode final season set in 2036. I am so excited!

-Grimm  -  9 pm on NBC. New episodes. Finally.

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