Television This Week: September 16-22

This Week on TV

Sunday September 16:

-Wallander  -  9 pm on PBS (Or not, check local listings). Academy Award nominee Kenneth Branagh returns as the titular figure in a new series based on Henning Mankell’s detective. I’m a huge fan of Mankell and his books and I think that Branagh does a great job, but I’m not a big fan of the series. Mankell writes lengthy complex novels and editing them down to 90 minute movies means eliminating a lot of what makes them interesting.

-Leverage  -  Starting at 9 pm on TNT.  The Summer Season finale for the show is a two part season finale. Or it’s just two episodes being aired back to back. One of those. Still, two hours of Leverage.

-Boardwalk Empire  -  9 pm on HBO. The third season launches after last season ended by killing off a major character (I won’t spoil it).

-Weeds  -  10 pm on Showtime. Series Finale. If you weren’t aware the show was still on the air, you’re not alone. But this was a huge series once and even if it overstayed its welcome, well, isn’t that what happens to most shows. Still, it was a great show for a few seasons, Mary-Louise Parker showed what an incredible actress she is, and Nancy Botwin was a loveable often maddening character who you couldn’t help but love and want to smack upside the head (often in the same scene).

Monday September 17:

-Mob Doctor  -  9 pm on Fox. I love Jordana Spiro, William Forsythe and Zeljko Ivanek, so it should be worth watching at least one episode.

-Warehouse 13 and Alphas  -  Starting at 9 pm on SyFy. Based on how both shows ended last week, this week will rachet up the tension a notch as the ongoing stories kick into a slightly higher gear.

-Monday night football on ESPN. The Broncos playing the Falcons in Atlanta. We’re all wondering what Peyton’s capable of and what the Broncs will end up doing this season.

-Revolution  -  10 pm on NBC. A new series from Eric Kripke (the creator of Supernatural) with the help of producer J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk and director Jon Favreau.

Tuesday September 18:

-American Experience: Death and the Civil War  -  8 pm on PBS. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, PBS takes this look at the conflict based largely upon the book by Drew Gilpin Faust, which is one of the great books about the Civil War.

-Go On and New Normal  -  Starting at 9 pm on NBC.

-White Collar  -  9 pm on USA.  The show reaches its summer season finale and hopefully we’ll find out who Treat William’s character really is. Anyone want to take bets?

-Sons of Anarchy  -  10 pm on FX. New season, more mayhem.

Wednesday September 19:

-Revolution  -  10 pm on NBC. A rerun of the pilot episode for those who were watching ESPN or SyFy Monday night.

Thursday September 20:

-Saturday Night Live Election Special  -  8 pm on NBC. I’m not sure whether I should look forward to this or whether it will be a complete waste of time. Based on past SNL political humor, it’ll be either one or the other, and half an hour is just way too long.

-The Office & Parks and Recreation  -  Starting at 9 pm on NBC. Woo hoo!

-Louie  -  10:30 pm on FX. The third of a three part episode, which will hopefully feature another guest appearance by David Lynch.

-Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell  -  1 pm on FX. A great weekly series with topical political humor from a different perspective. Funny, pointed and not getting enough love.

Friday September 21:

-Grimm  -  9 pm on NBC. Can anyone tell me what the point of launching the new season of “Grimm” in August was if NBC is just going to rerun those episodes in September? Did they run out of summer programming at the last minute and needed something to fill the time slot? Was there a plan I’m not seeing?

-Haven  -  10 pm on SyFy. Season premiere of the show in which we’ll hopefully get a few more answers about the troubles.

-Strike Back  -  10 pm on Cinemax. If you get the channel and you’re not watching this action series, you’re missing out on a fun ride. I’m not going to claim it’s anything more than that but neither are the people making it.

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