The Pander Brothers on Secret Broadcast Redux and more

I've been a fan of the Pander Brothers for years. I remember when their comic Secret Broadcast was first released by Oni Press years ago–one of Oni's first publications. The brothers made their names with their first major comic project, Grendel: Devil's Legacy, which I still love. The duo went on to draw books like Accelerate (written by Richard Kadrey), Exquisite Corpse, Batman: City of Light, and Triple-X (my personal favorite). The two have directed a lot of music videos and short films and the recent feature film Selfless.

Their new project is Secret Broadcast Redux. The book has been released digitally in full color with new pages telling what happened to the characters. They've also assembled a new soundtrack for the comic, which is a great tale of pirate radio and being young and seeking meaning and a purpose.

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