Richard Thompson ending Cul de Sac

I'm a great fan of Richard Thompson and his comic strip Cul de Sac, which I think is a truly great comic strip which I would rank as one of the great American comic strips of all time. Thompson received the Reuben of the Year Award from the National Cartoonists Society in 2011, but two years earlier, Thompson was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. This year there was a fundraiser among cartoonists to raise funds for Parkinson's research which led to the art book Team Cul de Sac, which is a great book. Today Thompson and the syndicate announced that Cul de Sac will be ending next month on Sunday September 23.

I'm sad to know that there won't be new comics from Thompson every day, but the idea of someone so incredibly skilled and gifted as Thompson being struck by an illness that robs him of his gift is just heartbreaking. Michael Cavna spoke with Thompson about this decision here:

I spoke with Thompson last year and he was every bit as nice a human being and as articulate and thoughtful as one might expect. Thoughts, prayers, well-wishes–please send them his way.

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