Speaking with Anne Carson

I had the opportunity to interview the great Anne Carson over e-mail recently. I write "the great" simply because it's hard to find the words to describe Ms. Carson. She is a great translator, poet and essayist. Her theatrical translations (like her newest "Antigonick") are fabulous as is her brilliant translation of the complete work of Sappho. Her essays, in particular her book "Eros the Bittersweet" should be essential reading. It was a great thrill to talk with her and I can't say enough good things about her work.



A.J. Focht wrote about the Aurora, Colorado shooting

A.J. Focht, who like me writes for the suicidegirls website, was at the theater in Aurora Colorado the other week. He survived unscathed. Not all his friends did. He wrote about it here, which I present without comment just because I don't have the words. Go read it:


Celebrating the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival

I'm a great lover of the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival, which is held every summer in Farmington, CT, and this year celebrates its Twentieth Anniversary. I wrote a short article celebrating the festival for the Poetry Foundation's website. I spoke with the great Richard Wilbur for the article, which was a great thrill as I'm a longtime fan. I'm sorry I wasn't around this summer to hear the many people who have read there so far and will be reading in the coming weeks.

In speaking with former director Rennie McQuilkin, he made the comment that he thought from the beginning that the festival would be a huge success and last forever. I know better than to contradict Rennie. Here's to the next twenty years!



Eisner Awards 2012 Wrap-up

A few thoughts on the Eisner Awards. I wasn't at San Diego this year but looking over the news roundup of the event, I do regret a little that I couldn't be there. (Of course on Friday night I remember sitting outside with people cooking out and thinking how much nicer it was than dealing with San Diego...)

But it was exciting to see that Ramon Perez and the book A Tale of Sand receive so many awards. It's an amazing book and Ramon is besides being a really nice guy, just an unbelievable talent who I think still has so much to show us what he's capable of. It's an amazing book and he just knocked it out of the park. I can't wait to see his next major project.

I was also thrilled to see Roger Langridge win for Snarked and Vera Brogsol win for Anya's Ghost. Both are great comics for younger readers and deserve more attention.

Mike Norton, who I've spoken with a few times and is incredibly nice besides being obviously talented, won for best digital comic for Battlepug.

As far as archival projects, Scott Dunbier and the IDW Artists Edition won one award for the Walt Simonson Thor book. Fantagraphics won for the reprints of Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse comic strips, Dark Horse won for the Milo Manara Library and Drawn and Quarterly's edition of Shigeru Mizuki's Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths won another Eisner. All brilliant books in their own way and all very deserving.

Also it was nice that Tom Spurgeon received the award for best comics-related journalism. Because he is Tom Spurgeon. In the eyes of pretty much all of us in the field, he's a giant.

It is funny to note that over the past four years, Tom Spurgeon and CBR have alternated winning that particular Eisner.