Tommy Castillo and Strathmore Sketchpads

I missed this and it annoys me. I'm a big fan of Tommy Castillo, a fabulous fantasy artist (the book Dragons, Myths and Mayhem) who does the occasional comic book (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, George Romero's Toe Tags). In truth I don't think he does enough comics work, but I'll freely admit, that's my own personal preference. Anyway Castillo is working with Strathmore and a drawing of his is featured on the front cover of the 400 series of sketchpads from the company. I'll admit that part of the reason I missed this is because I buy sketchpads infrequently (I tell myself I should draw every day...I don't) and I don't usually buy Strathmore. I was looking for a small pad, though and was thrilled when I saw it.

And as it's been a little while since his last comics work...I now have a new piece of Castillo art to look at...and intimidate me every time I think about drawing...

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