Television This Week

Once Upon a Time  -  Sundays at 8 on ABC. The season finale. I have no idea what's going to happen, what will get wrapped or how it's all going to play out in what is clearly a longer story being told.

Sherlock: The Hounds of Baskerville  -  Sundays on PBS. They'll be hard-pressed to deliver a show as good as last week's, but looking forward to what's in store.

I continue to be glad I don't pay for expensive channels. If I had HBO, there would be Game of Thrones, Veep and Girls. If I had Showtime, there would be The Borgias. Much easier to not deal with all that and just buy or rent the series on dvd.

How I Met Your Mother  -  Mondays at 8-9. A one hour season finale. We learn who Barney marries, watch Lily give birth and whatever else is happening.

Lost Girl  -  Mondays at 10 on SyFy. Apparently this week's episode involves a stolen Mongolian death worm. Sure, why not? I'm game.

Smash  -  Mondays at 10 on ABC. Season finale. I admit, I gave up on this show early for a few reasons. Among the, that when the show is set up to b about the rivalry between two actresses for a role and one of them is so clearly more talented–and yet every effort is made to create sympathy for the other–it becomes a little annoying after a while. Megan Hilty is just better than Katherine McPhee. I don't say that to be cruel, but one of them is just a better singer and dancer than the other.

30 Rock  -  Thursdays at 8 on NBC. Season finale. Elizabeth Banks and who knows what else.

Community  -  Thursdays on NBC. Season finale. Love this show. 3 episodes in one night, though? That seems odd.

Person of Interest  -  Thursdays at 9 on CBS. I really enjoyed this show for the first half of the season, but then CBS stopped posting new episodes online. So, I'll watch it on dvd when it gets released.

Grimm  -  Fridays at 9 on NBC. The season finale and hopefully it will continue the trend of recent shows in building the mystery and the world of the show.

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