Television This Week

Sherlock on Masterpiece  -  Sundays on PBS. Benedict Cumberbach as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson return for three new mysteries. I hope that we'll see more of Rupert Graves who was an interesting though underused Inspector Lestrade in the first season. Lara Pulver will be playing Irene Adler and more Moriarty.

GCB  -  Sundays at 10 on ABC.  I haven't seen it, though I do like some of the cast members. And I would have thought that a series from the writer behind Steel Magnolias would have gotten some more attention. I mean that's a fairly big movie. A cast that includes Kristin Chenowith, Annie Potts, Leslie Bibb and a lot of tv veterans.

Two Broke Girls  -  Monday at 8 on CBS. The comedy series wraps up its first season with a one hour finale. I like the show's attitude, but I'm not that fond of its comedy, which I find a little too crude with regards to racial humor (which I wouldn't mind so much except that many of the characters can be so one dimensional). Also I'm not sure what version of New York City the show takes place in, but it does manage to squeeze laughs out of work and class, which ain't easy.

Eureka  -  Monday at 9 on SyFy. Curious to see what happens now that the dangling plot thread has been resolved and where things go from here for the remainder of the season.

New Girl  -  Tuesday at 9 on Fox. Zooey Deschanel's sitcom wraps up its first season. I like Zooey, think that the show's creator Elizabeth Meriweather is fabulously talented, but I only sometimes enjoy the show. It's one of those programs I binge watch when I'm in the mood.

Unforgettable  -  Tuesday at 10 on CBS. Not a great detective show, but a great lead character with a great actor in Poppy Montgomery (who I loved in Blonde, Relativity and Glory Days in addition to Without a Trace). Also the finale will feature Elias Koteas, who's always great.

The Big Bang Theory  -  Thursday at 8 on CBS. I watch the show, I enjoy the show, but I keep wishing that it could be better in many different ways. When Jim Parsons' Sheldon is front and center, though, I rarely care. though I wish that the rest of the show were as good as his character and performance.

The Office  -  Thursday at 9 on NBC. This season James Spader makes that the people who used to run Dunder Mifflin look brilliantly talented, though it's only been intermittently funny. Ed Helms' Andy has been impressive this season and it should be interesting to see what happens next season. Last week's episode made it clear that change is afoot and I wonder what next season will look like and whether there will be more than one season. It would be nice for the show to find a way to wind itself down.

Parks and Recreation  -  Thursday at 9:30 on NBC. Election day and I can't wait to see what happens. This season hasn't been perfect, but I do think it's had some brilliant episodes.

The Finder  -  Friday at 8 on Fox. The show ends its initial season, and the way that the show has been okay but far from spectacular and the ratings have reflected this. I enjoyed Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan, Duncan especially, and hopefully we'll see something else from them soon.

Fringe  -  Friday at 9 on Fox. Can't wait to see it and excited for what next season will bring.

Common Law  -  Friday at 10 on USA. The commercials seem amusing, though I worry it end up as just another lightweight cop show with a twist–in this case that the two detectives are in couples therapy. Still, Michael Ealy plays one of the detectives and Sonya Walger plays the therapist. But the pilot is worth a look

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