Television Canceled, Television Renewed

It's that time of year when some television shows get to live on for another year and some get canceled. They get announced piecemeal over months. I mean everyone knows that Pan Am and Bent aren't going to come back (well, except for the people who don't remember what those shows are). Other shows like Smash were renewed weeks ago while other shows like The Simpsons get renewed two years at a time.

It's great to see Community renewed for another season. It's not the most popular show, and I'd love to see if the writers find a way to wrap up the show in the course of the fourth season. 30 Rock will be back for its final season. This season has been the best for a couple years, and hopefully Tina Fey and the other writers will find a way to do the show justice.

Among other renewals, Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings, Don't Trust the B– in Apt 23, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Grimm, Parenthood, Scandal, Touch.

Among the cancellations aren't many surprises. Missing has done poorly and The River, despite a good cast, wasn't a success.

GCB was canceled. I'm still not quite sure why the show wasn't promoted as "Created by Robert Harling, the writer of Steel Magnolias." It seems like everyone has seen Steel Magnolias, or is at least familiar with the flick. Plus Harling also wrote the scripts for Soapdish and First Wives Club. Again, it might not have helped gain more viewers, but it couldn't have hurt.

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