R.I.P. Tony DeZuniga

Comics artist Tony DeZuniga passed away the other day. Mr. DeZuniga suffered a stroke in April nd died surrounded by wife and other family members. He was 79.

Mr. DeZuniga is best known as the co-creator, with writer John Albano, of Jonah Hex, the Western anti-hero. The character has had a resurgence in recent years, which led to a very bad movie starring Josh Brolin, but DeZuniga illustrated a graphic novel "Jonah Hex: No Way Back" to coincide with the film's release. DeZuniga also created, with writer Sheldon Mayer, The Black Orchid.

One of his best known accomplishments was in opening the door for other Filipino comic creators, and by extension, creating opportunities for other international creators in American comics. Today it's quite common for creative teams to span the globe, but when DeZuniga convinced DC's Editor-in-Chief Carmine Infantino and Editor Joe Orlando to look at artists there. Among the people who were recruited were Alfredo Alcala, Alex Nino and Nestor Redondo.

I never had the pleasure to meet the man but our thoughts and condolences go his wife Tina and the rest of his family

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