Congrats to Gutters for 300! (with a visit from Nick Cardy)

If you aren't reading The Gutters, a comic written and overseen by Ryan Sohmer (the guy behind Blind Ferret Entertainment and the webcomics Least I Could Do and Looking For Group) and you're a comics fan, then you're missing out. Sohmer uses the strip to poke fun (sometimes affectionately, sometimes less so) at comics. It's a lot of fun and honestly I think comics could use more commentary (and mockery) in comics form. Sohmer writes the strip and works with a talented lineup of artists and while not every one hits a bullseye (no one does), it's always worth reading.

The 300th comic just went up and the strip is drawn by a living legend, Nick Cardy. I don't know how he got Cardy, much less to poke fun at Aquaman (just one of the series that Cardy defined visually during his lengthy career), but Sohmer continues to impress me (and it should go without saying that Cardy can still draw).

Looking forward to the next 300, guys.

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