What to do now that Endgame is over

I finished watching Endgame on hulu. The Canadian show is about Arkady Balagan, an agoraphobic Russian chess master who solves crimes from an upscale Vancouver hotel. I'm a sucker for Nero Wolfe-ish mysteries and the series manages to do a good job of balancing the sad pathos of the character, the darker aspects of the crimes he investigates, with the fun entertaining elements of the stories, usually as a result of the many people around him and his Holmes-esque ability to unnerve and ignore social convention.

Also, I enjoyed getting to see what Vancouver looks like. I mean I watch American television, so I've seen thousands of hours of tv that have been shot in Vancouver, but I'm not sure I've ever seen the city play itself. The shoreline and downtown look very pretty. I'll definitely have to visit the next time I'm in the region.

Of course the show may not get renewed...sigh...

Now I need to find another mystery show.

I am curious how the experiment of showing the series on hulu went. A show like Lost Girl, which is currently running on the SyFy channel has a good outlet for that kind of programming, but Endgame doesn't have a channel with that kind of built-in audience. I think the series could do well on cable, USA or A&E or TNT. I think it could also work well on network television as well, especially if a channel were to run the series for thirteen weeks in a row, say, during the summer? I think it could have a good shot to find an audience. We'll see what happens.

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