Tracy K. Smith and Philip Levine at Housing Works

I wish I was in New York City for this. Housing Works is having a great event Monday night. Philip Levine who is our current Poet Laureate here in U.S. (besides being the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, two National Book Awards, National Book Critics Circle Award, Guggenheim Fellowship, etc etc.) will be reading with Tracy K. Smith who last week became the most recent poet to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize. I'm a great admirer of Levine and his work, but I would have especially liked to hear Smith read.

Smith was awarded the Pulitzer–on her 40th birthday–for her collection Life on Mars, which I think was one of if not the best new poetry collection I read last year. It really was an amazing piece of work. Here's a link to one of her poems titled "My God, It's Full of Stars":

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