Television This Week

Once Upon a Time  -  Sunday 8-9 on ABC.  Not quite sure how the writers are going to end this season, but it's fascinating to watch.

House  -  Monday 9-10 on Fox. Like many television shows–and like just about every successful show–House ran for too long. Of course what made the show a hit wasn't the medical case each and every week which was hyped in the commercials and promos, but Hugh Laurie's performance. His comic timing was impeccable and his ability to

Eureka  -  Monday 9-10 on SyFy. Very sad to see that Felicia Day got killed off last week and wondering exactly where things are headed.

Don't Trust the B in Apt 23  -  Wednesday 9:30-10 on ABC. I've been enjoying this series, though as someone who didn't watch Dawson's Creek and all I know about James Vanderbeek is that he starred on that show, I keep feeling like I'm missing jokes. I don't mind too much. Though I am getting tired of actors playing themselves on sitcoms. And I'm getting tired of shows about show biz, even in small doses.

Revenge  -  Wednesday 10-11 on ABC. I know it's trashy, but it's like doritos. It may not be good for you, but it's so damn enjoyable, you don't notice.

Fringe  -  Friday 9-10 on Fox.  Every season of Fringe ends with a bang and this one looks to be no different. What will the first of a two-part season finale bring...? We shall find out.

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