Television This Week

Things to watch this week while sitting at home trying not to do anything...

Girls  -  Sunday on HBO. I don't actually know what time the show is on but that's because I don't get HBO. We could debate at length whether this reason for this is poverty, frugality or being cheap, but if I had the channel, I would watch this show. When it comes out on DVD a year from now, I will no doubt be every excited about it. The rest of you–then watching season 2–will go, where the hell have you been all this time? I'm okay with that.

NYC 22  -  Sunday at 10. The show is created by Richard Price, one of my favorite writers. I'm not saying "tv writers" or "novelists" or adding any kind of qualifier. His novel Clockers is to my mind a work of genius and is incredibly important to me. Also it stars Leelee Sobieski, who I love. I don't want to watch another cop show, but I will.

How I Met Your Mother  -  Monday at 8. My thoughts are the show are many, complicated and not always positive, but this has been the series' most dramatic season and while it's been far from perfect, I think it's interesting, ambitious and it's really struck a chord with me.

Castle  -  Monday at 10. Not a fan of the show, but I like Nathan Fillion and this week features guest star Adam Baldwin, so I'm taking time out of my life to watch. I reserve the right to turn it off halfway through and put on a Firefly disc, though.

Revenge  -  Wednesday at 10. A friend got me addicted to this show–it's like crack. Or dark chocolate. After a very long delay, the show is finally back. More Amanda, more Takeda and I for one am enjoying how the show has gotten a little darker.

Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation  -  Thursday at 8-10. Woo hoo! Parks and Rec is back! Finally!

Scandal  -  Thursday at 10. The POV "new girl" character continues to annoy me, but I love Kerry Washington. And Henry Ian Cusick and Columbus Short are kicking ass. The show reminds me that Short has been woefully underused in his career. I've always liked Jeff Perry, though thus far he's been underused. Guillermo Diaz hasn't had enough to do yet either, sadly. Also, did anyone notice that Josh Malina quoted Judge Dredd last week?

The Finder  -  Friday at 8. Last week's episode–written by Josh Friedman (the writer/producer behind Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the sadly never picked up Locke and Key, and who is developing a pilot for next season I'm keeping my fingers crossed for, The Asset)–was probably the show's best so far. An offbeat request that leads to strange, colorful tale that may be tame by Florida crime standards but was enjoyable and led to a unusual conclusion. Not a great hour of television, but entertaining and different. We'll see how the rest of the season goes.

Fringe  -  Friday at 9. I love Fringe and every 19th episode is a curiosity and this one looks to exceed all expectations. Set in 2036. The Observers. I'm excited.

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