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The second season of Being Human concludes on the SyFy Channel Monday at 9 pm and then the first season of Lost Girl ends at 10. If you've been enjoying the urban fantasy adventures of succubus Bo, then you're in luck, season two starts next Monday at 10. (The joy of importing a series with a few seasons under its belt)

Smash continues on NBC with Uma Thurman. I'll admit to a childhood crush/adolescent obsession with Uma, so I can't be objective.

Independent Lens on PBS is showing Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey. The story of Kevin Clash, a middle-aged African-American who happens to be one of the most beloved people on television (possibly the world) who no one really knows or sees–because he's the man behind Elmo. I'm admittedly not a big Elmo fan. I think he's a muppet who works best in small doses. Clash though is a master puppeteer. He was the baby on the tv show Dinosaurs, Splinter in the TMNT movies, Clifford on Muppets Tonight and a few other projects. Clash is also the man behind one of my favorite all-time muppets–Hoots the Owl. (I know. Not an obvious choice. This is a topic that deserves an essay of its own) This is my way of saying that if you haven't seen the documentary, it's going to be on TV for free, so you have no excuse.

There's a recap episode of Revenge on ABC in what I think is its usual time slot. I write "I Think" because it's been so long since the show was on the air, I don't remember what night it aired. And not to be a pain, but if the show had aired in recent months, a recap episode wouldn't be necessary...

New episodes of Community and 30 Rock. Go watch.

The Office returns. It's been an uneven year in Scranton and it looks as if the show won't be around for too much longer – showrunner Paul Lieberstein is leaving at the end of the season to develop a spinoff starring Rainn Wilson for midseason next year, James Spader is leaving, Mindy Kaling is writing and starring in a pilot for next year. I'd like to see the show get a season or half-season sendoff that does justice to what the show used to be.

Scandal. I wasn't blown away by the pilot, but I liked it. I was admittedly expecting more of director Paul McGuigan (Sherlock, Gangster No. 1). Kerry Washington was good, though her character felt underwritten. I like Henry Ian Cusick (though he'll always be Desmond). Columbus Short was good. Our new member of the team POV character annoyed me. Tony Goldwyn didn't impress me playing the President of the US. But we'll see where it goes. My main stumbling block is that the show is going to be about sex and murder with a soap opera background. And that's fine. I don't wnt to claim that there's no place for that on TV. It's just that Washington is about much more.

The Finder. The show isn't as good as it could be, not quite as good as it should be and fails to rise to the level of the two actors, Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan. It also fails to be as interesting or subversive as the Richard Greener novel it was based off of (though i didn't expect it to be remotely subversive). It's fine.

Grimm. There's monsters and creatures and some violence and a conspiracy in the background. Also, it's set in Oregon, which is nice. And it seems as if Sasha Roiz might finally get to do something as we move towards the season finale.

Fringe. I love Fringe.

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