Shah Rukh Khan Detained Why Exactly?

So one of the biggest, most recognizable stars in the world comes to the United States and gets detained. I'm sorry he wasn't detained, he was "questioned" according to authorities. This is what I don't understand. The man was detained a few years ago entering the U.S. and the Indian embassy had to intervene, there was a small uproar, an official apology was issued. One would think that perhaps when Shah Rukh Khan went through customs this time, his name might get flagged with a little note that says something to the effect of "Don't Detain Him! We don't want to cause an international incident!"

Of course having now posted this, I'm sure the odds of my being detained the next time I go through airport security will rise.

After the last incident, Khan said he would cut back on visiting the US after receiving such treatment. It's hard to blame him.

Why do people get angry about taking off their shoes and walking through x-ray machines that are supposedly safe and getting patted down and waiting in lines for hours?...because events like this make it clear that if the TSA is keeping us safe, it's largely by accident.

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