Sabrina Goes to the Movies

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is one of the highest profile characters at Archie Comics, thanks in large part to the sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart (an actress I'll admit to not having thought about for years). Among comics fans, Sabrina is known as the creation of the late great Dan DeCarlo and the story behind the character's creation and DeCarlo's firing by Archie is worthy of dozens of blog posts.

Word has come down that Archie is looking to create a Sabrina movie. According to Deadline, the character is being recast as a superhero. I'll admit that such a statement makes me sigh, but after reading the recent Archie meets Kiss storyline (full disclosure, I'm friendly with the story's writer Alex Segura) but the portrayal of Sabrina in the story could be an excellent jumping off point for a movie or for a series of her own. Not so much the tongue in cheek nature of the story, but the idea that she's protecting the town from monsters in a kind of light-hearted Buffy-esque fashion.

And her appearance, which artist Dan Parent designed, is an outfit that could attract a lot of attention and lots of fans: a schoolgirl outfit with a matching tie and plaid skirt with thigh high stockings. In a movie or a real life, the skirt would probably have to be longer than the mini that Parent drew.

I was in my late teen when I discovered Hayao Miyazaki's movie Kiki's Delivery Service, which is a great flick for kids. A story about a young teenage girl who learns that she has powers and is taught this by women (in the sitcom she had two aunts who were witches and showed her the ropes when she got back from school), well, it could be interesting. One of the great things about Kiki's Delivery Service was this idea that everyone has to find a role and a place in the world–not in the sense of a grand destiny, but the way we all have to find our place in the world. To have this be something handed down from woman to woman would be an interesting dynamic we rarely see. This has real potential to be interesting.

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