The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and Carla Speed McNeil's Finder

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books was last weekend. I always loved going when I lived in Los Angeles. I would catch the bus and spend the day at UCLA, where the festival was held. I remember meeting authors, hanging out with friends (getting a sunburn, usually) and having just a great time. Westwood was just a short walk away and we'd grab lunch or dinner before going back home. It was just a great time and it was the kind of event that I wish Los Angeles (and other places) had more of.

Of course now the festival is held at USC. Having never set foot on the USC campus, I have no idea how that would work (though if I still lived in the Valley, I doubt I would bus it all the way to USC) but I'm glad to hear that the festival seems to have been a success.

I was also glad to hear and read that DC co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee were grilled a little about Before Watchmen and some of their recent moves. I don't expect DC or those individuals to do anything differently no matter how much ire is directed at them, but I'm glad that they're constantly being called to defend their position and are forced to go on the record time and again.

My trend of very rarely reading the winners of the Book Prizes continues this year. The one I did read, though, is the winner for Best Graphic Novel. Carla Speed McNeil's "Finder: Voice" was a great book and it didn't get as much attention as I thought it deserved. It's a great book for longtime fans of Finder and it's such a great book that new readers can jump right into (or those of who have read Finder but it's been a while and we don't have the time to reread books as often as we'd like and have managed to forget a lot). A great book from a great writer and artist. A reminder that she needs to complete her next book soon. (Pretty please!)

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