I think a lot of cable channels have their partisans on Sunday nights. AMC has Mad Men and The Killing. HBO has Game of Thrones, plus their new shows Veep and Girls. On Masterpiece this week there's Birdsong, the first of a two-part adaption of the Sebastian Faulk novel starring Eddie Redmayne and Clemence Poesy. CBS has 60 Minutes, The Good Wife and the new NYC 22. ABC has Once Upon a Time, which is my particular favorite.

Also Fox is celebrating 25 years as a network.

Eureka and Lost Girl  -  SyFy Channel, Monday 9-11. After the first episode, I'm not sure what I think of what looks to be this season's plot line on Eureka, but i'll watch every episode of the final season regardless. It's never been about the long plot lines on that show for me. One episode into the new season of Lost Girl, this season's plot seems to be less stability, more uncertainty and new craziness. I'm up for that.

House  -  Fox, Monday 9-10. The show winds down heading towards its finale. It may be past its prime, but Hugh Laurie is always fun to watch.

Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23  -  ABC, Wednesday at 9:30. I watched both episodes of this new show lst week and I was impressed by the fact that the show was a lot smarter than I thought it would be based on the title and the ads. The characters are all screwed up in their own unique way but it's ultimately a show about friendship and it's fun.

Revenge  -  ABC, Wednesday at 10. It's a guilty pleasure but it's a lot of fun.

Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation  -  NBC, Thursday 8-10. A good excuse to laugh.

Scandal  -  ABC, Thursday at 10. I've given this show a shot. I love Kerry Washington and am a big fan of some of the other actors on the show, but honestly, I just don't like the show. The dialogue is okay but there are times where it's clear that the show is trying to establish a rhythm, but it just comes off as flat. More importantly, I just don't want to watch this kind of show. I love Kerry Washington, but honestly, I don't want to watch her try to spin her clients out of trouble every week. Scandal may be set in Washington DC but it's not a show about politics the way The West Wing was, it's a show about tabloid culture. Washington's character Olivia Pope isn't out to save the world, feed the starving, balance the budget. She's a "gladiator in a suit" as one character refers to them. She's out for herself and her clients. I guess a happy ending of the show will be her in a good relationship helping people get acquitted at rape trials. That's fine. I just have better things to do with my time.

Fringe  -  Fox, Friday at 9. Just a few episodes left until the season finale and I have no idea what's going to happen next and how it will all end. One of the reasons I like this show.

Grimm  -  NBC, Friday at 9. Last week's show was another good episode and the series seems to be finally hitting its stride.

Fairly Legal and In Plain Sight  -  USA, Friday at 9-11. I like the lead actors in each of these shows (Sarah Shahi and Mary McCormack, respectively) but I'm not a big fan of the shows. I feel a little bad about that.

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