Eureka and Lost Girl on SyFy

When I wrote up my "This Week in Television" column, I forgot two items. Both of which were on the same channel, though, so at least there's some symmetry. SyFy. Admittedly, I still find the channel somewhat annoying for changing their name to the strange pairing of syllables, but that's neither here nor there.

Eureka returns for what, sadly, will be the show's last season. I've liked the show from the beginning, though admittedly, I've never loved it. It has always been interesting and it's constantly been fun, even when some of the longer plot arcs never quite came together. What made the show work was the show's sense of humor and sense of wonder. There are too few science fantasy shows that have a sense of fun and wonder towards the world.

The cast was what kept the show working and what kept viewers coming back. Joe Morton has been one of favorite actors for years, though I can't help but feel he's been underused for much of the series. He's been the jack of trades who in the end comes through and manages to help save things, but he's had very little in the way of a personal life for the majority of the season. Initially he was grieving over the death of his wife. When the show was reset at the beginning of season four, he was married and that relationship has been interesting to watch, but it would have been nice for Morton's Henry to have another relationship. A child, maybe?

Regardless, it was the cast of Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Erica Cerra, Neil Grayston and Niall Matter who made the show work. Not to mention recurring characters like Matt Frewer, Debrah Farentino and Ed Quinn.

It wasn't a great show, but I will miss spending time with those actors and those characters. Until then, it's good to have them back for a few weeks.

After Eureka ends at 10, Lost Girl returns a week after it finished its first season. The joy of importing a show from Canada. It's lightweight, but I have to admit, I'm enjoying this urban fantasy tale.

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