Dara Naraghi's open letter to Geoff Johns

Dara Naraghi wrote an open letter to Geoff Johns about an event in a recent issue of Aquaman. As someone who doesn't read Aquaman, I wasn't aware of the incident, but having read Naraghi's letter, I have to say that I don't disagree with anything he wrote. His complaint, in brief, is that on page one of a recent issue, a new Iranian superhero is introduced and on page eight, she's killed.

I ponder coming up with a way to look at comics. The number of women and people of color who get speaking roles. How many of them get to speak with another woman or person of color. How many of them survive past the issue in which they're introduced. It's a blatant ripoff of the Bechdel rule, but I think it might be interesting. Don't get me wrong, I have no interest in reading hundreds of comics to actually compose such statistics, but it might be valuable.

I'd like for comics to become more diverse. And it is happening. It's just happening very, very slowly. The truth is that this character's brief existence is a sign of progress. Having a pantheon of almost entirely white and entirely male heroes parading around a diverse world may be a sign of progress, however small, but people need to understand that portraying a world where mostly white males compose the only people worth caring about and who are fighting for the fate of the world is insulting to the world and its people.

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