Anders Nilsen awarded the Lynd Ward Graphic Novel Prize

Anders Nilsen, who I spoke with when the collected Big Questions was release by Drawn and Quarterly last year, was awarded the Lynd Ward Graphic Novel Prize. I'm a huge fan of the book and Nilsen's work and it's well-deserved.

The judges also named four honorees along with the winner. Among them, Mark Kalesniko, who remains one of those cartoonists who work I love and with Freeway crafted what is arguably his best book. Craig Thompson's Habibi, a book for which I have a number of issues, but it is an ambitious book. Paul Hornschmeier's Life with Mr. Dangerous, which I think is his best book. And Zahra's Paradise, a book about the 2009 Iranian protests, which is a flawed, but incredibly important work.

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