Pat Robertson and legalizing marijuana

When I first heard that Pat Robertson had come out in support of legalizing pot, I'll admit I did some internet searching to make sure that this wasn't an Onion headline. It's odd, I'll admit, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I support the decriminalization and legalization of pot and I believe in medical marijuana. I think it would be a tax boon for the United States and other countries. I think that it would free up time and resources of law enforcement, the courts and the prison system (not to mention saving the public a fortune). It would shrink our prison population, putting more people who have committed no violent crime back on the streets, to live with their families, hold down jobs and pay taxes, being productive members of society. It would cut into the drug cartels' profits, hopefully enough to weaken them–how seriously, no one knows, but that alone makes it worth seriously considering.

I don't know what this means, honestly. One of my biggest disappointments about President Obama has been his assault on medical marijuana. If I was making a wish list for Obama's second term, a new drug policy would be near the top.

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