Michael Dean looks at MoCCA in The Comics Journal

For all comics people, the Comics Journal has a must-read article about the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York City. MoCCA is probably best known not as a museum, but as the sponsor of an annual festival (April 28-29 this year) for independent comics. Dean looks at what the museum has accomplished over the course of a decade. Sadly, not very much. If success can be seen by simply continuing to exist, then it's succeeded for a decade, but it's done little more. Many of the problems are familiar to all museums and nonprofits, while others are not. What's interesting is that the festival is a success, though it continues have some problems, and the educational programs are a continuing success, but the museum itself is almost an afterthought. Dean does an excellent job with the article and in the end sit raises the question of what should MoCCA be. I think the big problem is that no one seems to have a solid coherent vision of what MoCCA should be and how to get there. There are plenty of ideas, but without a vision and a person dedicated to carrying it out, I'm not sure what the next decade will be like.

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