Denys Cowan conjures Dominique Laveau

I got to interview Denys Cowan recently. He drew Denny O'Neill's legendary run of The Question, illustrated Batman: Blind Justice which was written by Sam Hamm and introduced the character Henri Ducard, worked on Deathlok at Marvel, was one of the founders of Milestone Media, created Hardware and a lot of the other Milestone characters with writer Dwayne McDuffie, was a producer/director and designer on the animated series Static Shock and Boondocks. His actual resume is a lot longer and more impressive than all that, but it gives you an idea as to why I was so excited to talk with him. I've been a fan for many years and I think his new book, the Vertigo comic "Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child" is some of the best artwork he's ever done. It's also a great book about life in New Orleans, voodoo, history, spirituality, social realism. Writer Selwyn Sefu Hinds has crafted what might be one of the next great comic series. I spoke with Cowan and he showed off some penciled pages–which are gorgeous–and some designwork he did for the series.

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