Max Allan Collins Returns to Perdition

Max Allan Collins is one of those writers who to me has always seemed to be everywhere. Part of this is simply because he writes multiple books each and every year. In 2011 he wrote or co-wrote more than half a dozen. Two of them were books he completed that were started by his friend and mentor, the late Mickey Spillane. One book was his most recent Nathan Heller book, this one about the death of Marilyn Monroe. Another was Return to Perdition, which brings to a close the series he began with Road to Perdition, the graphic novel that was turned into the award-winning film starring Tom Hanks and Paul Newman.

It was a thrill to talk with Collins. We spoke for over an hour about dozens of topics. That's what happens something when you've read dozens of books by the person you're interviewing. Some interviews are a thrill because you've known the person's work for years and this was one of them. A true pleasure.

An odd post script. I conducted the interview in December while sitting on the indoor porch of my parents' house, enjoying the fact that it's this warm this late in the year. In the middle of the interview, a red-tailed hawk landed in the yard. Very strange. CT can be dull, but sometimes, you never know what's going to happen next.

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