Musing: Jadaliyya

This year of all the publications I spend time obsessively checking and rereading, I have to say that Jadaliyya is one of my favorites. Sadly I'm not at the point where I can actually read the articles posted in Arabic, though I can sometimes get the gist of it. One of the reasons I've fallen in love with the site is because it features poetry, something that's rare in any publication anywhere. In the case of Jadaliyya, they're publishing some truly great poetry and some exceptional translation work. There's work by Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi, Sargon Boulos, Nizar Qabbani and many more.

Besides that there's lot of writing about culture and politics. Sinan Antoon has a great piece about the Syrian poet Adunis, who is one of the great and important poets of the Twentieth century, but whose recent statements about uprisings in Syria and throughout the region have been, well, lacking. The article's title, "The Arab Spring and Adunis' Autumn" says it quite well. Mohamed Elshahed has an excellent essay outlining "The Case Against the Grand Egyptian Museum."

But I keep coming back to the poetry...

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