Linkblogging: Freeman Dyson reviews a new graphic novel, Feynman

The scientist Freeman Dyson is one of the world's most prominent scientists whose work in mathematics and theoretic physics has placed him in the heart of the Twentieth century and whose theoretical work has inspired a great deal of science fiction, though sadly, many of his ideas have not become reality. Also he has been awarded and received a great many honors despite not having a Ph.D.

Mr. Dyson is also a regular contributor to the New York Review of Books and in the new issue he reviews two books about the late Richard Feynman, including the soon to be released graphic novel biography by writer Jim Ottaviani and artist Leland Myrick which is titled simply "Feynman."Dyson isn't a typical comics reader, but he brings a knowledge of the material (Dyson himself even appears briefly, which he admits was an odd reading experience) and an appreciation of the material that few others could bring to it. It's always good to see good comics finding readers who can appreciate them. It sadly happens all too infrequently. Mr. Dyson, welcome to the club.

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