Nick Cardy: Silver Age Comics Legend and World War II Veteran

Mr. Nick Cardy is one of those artists who made comics worth reading in the "Silver age" of comics (which for those who don't know is considered to be 1956 to circa 1970). During that time, Mr. Cardy illustrated "Aquaman," "Teen Titans," "Bat Lash" and other major titles. He drew hundreds of covers for the company before transitioning to doing movie poster artwork. I spoke with the man recently about his new book, a collection of artwork that he did while serving as an assistant tank driver in Europe during World War II.

Mr. Cardy was everything that an interviewer could ask for -- funny, thoughtful, still sharp and a great storyteller -- and I can only hope that I'm in as good shape when I'm 91.

This interview also contains possibly my favorite exchange in any interview of mine:

What did it mean to be an assistant tank driver?
If the driver has to go to the bathroom, you watch the tank. [Laughs


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