Looking at Tove Jansson's Fair Play for The Daily Beast

I'm thrilled to be writing for The Daily Beast and just as thrilled that I got to write about the great Tove Jansson. For those of you who don't know, she is the Swedish-Finnish writer and artist behind the Moomins, a great series of children's novels and comic strips (which would go onto be multiple films and cartoon shows and a cookbook and a theme park and...) Her picture books and collections of the comic strip that she and her brother created are published by the great people at Drawn and Quarterly. In her fifties, Jansson retired form the Moomins and children's books to write books for adults. The New York Review of Books Classics imprint has been putting them in print here in the States, first The Summer Book, then True Deceiver, and now Fair Play. The book was a joy to read. All her books are. When I pitched my editor the idea of writing about the book, I half-jokingly described Jansson as the "anti-Steig Larsson," and while I think it's true, it's hard to detail what makes the book work so well and yet convey just how charming a book it is. Go read it. It'll become quickly apparent. I promise.


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