2011 MoCCA Festival Report

In which I talk about this year's MoCCA Festival, and the fact that while I loved seeing people and meeting people and buying books, the festival itself leaves a bit to be desired.

I mean there was a great selection of books. Some people say, well, there were only a few good books, but that works for me. People can argue that there were no great books debuting at MoCCA, but with so many just plain good and interesting ones, it's hard to argue too much. Maybe I'm a jackass, but every show I attend, I end up liking just about everything I pickup, but by that same token, while the books are good, they're not necessarily great. That doesn't bother me at all.

In the end, it was worth attending just for the people. It's going to something like MoCCA that I remember what I miss in not working out of an office, in not having people around that I can talk with about work. I mentioned a long list of people in the course of the article who I spoke with and hung out with over the course of the weekend. That's what made it worthwhile. It's been interesting to read the comments and reports from other people who came to much the same conclusion.

Pondering what that means and what will come next.

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